Inaugural GCA Ministerial Dialogue on Adaptation Action

On demand on CAS TV – from the Netherlands

At the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021, the Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) will launch its inaugural annual Ministerial Dialogue on Adaptation Action, which is to serve as a platform and action-driving vehicle for guiding and sustaining momentum in accelerating climate adaptation efforts.

The GCA Ministerial Dialogue has one overarching aim: sustained global leadership cooperation to accelerate adaptation at speed and at scale.

It will also serve as the foremost annual high-level forum on climate change adaptation, acting as a lever for global leadership to drive a decade of transformation for a climate resilient world, expanding adaptation action and delivery on the CAS Adaptation Action Agenda.

It will provide a platform for showcasing implementation successes and for bold announcements on new initiatives, partnerships, and other actions with meaningful contributions or potential to accelerate adaptation.

Watch the inaugural GCA Ministerial Dialogue on Adaptation Action on demand on CAS TV. Download the list of speakers.

Focus Streams

The Ministerial Dialogue will anchor its deliberations in three fundamental “Focus Streams” where the achievement of progress can deliver the most strategic and wide-ranging impact:

  • Ambition:
    Sustaining commitments, building understanding, and forging solutions and tools to drive more ambitious adaptation action on the ground.
  • Financing:
    Mobilizing the billions and shifting the trillions to power a climate resilience transformation within the world economy.
  • Partnership:
    Sharing best national/subnational adaptive efforts and innovative collaborative experiences to deliver the most effective results and international partnerships.
A city plaza designed to double as a rainwater retention pond.
©Mischa Keijser / Beeldunie
A public plaza in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, designed and built to double as a retention pond in case of extreme rainfall.