African Water ChangeMaker Awards: And the winner is…

At the Climate Adaptation Summit, the People’s Choice Winner of the African Water ChangeMakers Award was announced. And it is… Strengthening climate resilience in the Kafue sub-Basin in Zambia (Zambia Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience, Ministry of National Development Planning)!

Celebrating African Water ChangeMakers


In order to illustrate the specific challenges of climate change adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Global Water Partnership teamed up to develop a parallel Water ChangeMakers trajectory for participants from sub-Saharan Africa, seeking to celebrate and make visible the teams and organisations who shape water decisions that build climate resilience in Africa. These projects introduce innovative ways of financing community-based adaptation interventions in vulnerable areas through diversification and intensification in agriculture and technological innovations at the community level.

The three finalists with the highest climate resilience scores from Africa, embodying bold action and the potential for adaptive capacity on the continent, pitched their initiative at CAS 2021, where the People’s Choice winner was announced.
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Inspiring other change journeys

All three finalists have shared powerful change journeys that build climate resilience by changing water decisions in Africa – and they will continue to inspire many other teams worldwide.
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Watch the CAS Talks.