CAS 2021 programme

The Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 consisted of several complementary components over a 24‑hour cycle starting Monday 25 January. Video reports of these components are accessible through various playlists on CAS TV.

  • CAS 2021 prelimary programme
  • In the build-up to the online conference, various stakeholders prepared contributions at Supporting Events.
  • The Opening Session in the Netherlands, with Heads of State and Government joining in person or online, was streamed worldwide.
  • At Anchoring Events streamed from various time zones, stakeholders developed the CAS 2021 Action Themes, combining the knowledge and needs of different regions.
  • At the Global Mayors’ Forum on Climate Adaptation, mayors from all over the globe convened online and brought forward the voices of cities to CAS 2021.
  • Responsible members of government in participating countries shared their views on climate adaptation action during an online Ministerial Dialogue.
  • In Vanguard Cities Events, leading cities all over the world showed the path forward to move city-led nature-based solutions from good ideas to investment-ready projects.
  • CAS Talks guided the participants through the Summit highlights, with discussions on cross-cutting issues, perspectives from youth, minorities, and the private sector, and other topics.
  • The Closing Session constituted the link between CAS 2021 and the Davos World Economic Forum.
  • After CAS 2021, a Cinema and a Library filled with Side Events contributed by partners worldwide present views from a variety of actors and communities.
Volunteers operate a weather warning system in Mozambique.
©Bas Jongerius / Beeldunie
Volunteers in Chiguidela village, Mozambique, operate a warning system using flags and whistles to help residents prepare for abrupt weather changes that may cause floodings.