CAS 2021 Side Events and partner content

The Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021, starting 25 January, is all about coordinated action and initiative. You are most welcome to contribute your own digital content or event for inclusion as a virtual ‘Side Event’ in the online programme.

Do you have content or an event addressing climate adaptation that you want to share with the world?

Be part of the Summit with your own work!

Companies, citizens, knowledge institutions, governments, international organisations, youth, city or community actors, and others are invited to contribute to CAS 2021 and CAS TV with their own pre-recorded video clips, podcasts, longreads, policy papers, or other valuable and inspiring input.

Get global exposure in the climate adaptation community

Inclusion of your content or event in the CAS 2021 programme increases your (media) visibility to wide audiences. It provides opportunities for exchanging knowledge and expertise, as well as for expanding networks.

What we would like to share

Contributions may include registrations of in-person or virtual events, but also interviews, presentations, documentaries, photo collages, time lapses, quizzes, stories or whatever you think of.
Whatever you prepare, keep it as lean as possible. Video clips may vary in length from a few minutes to one hour maximum, but should always meet elementary technical specs and requirements. Podcasts should have a duration, and pdf publications a file size, that is reasonable for their content.
All contributions must be non-commercial.

How we share your contribution

We will showcase selected clips and podcasts as virtual ‘Side Events’ in the CAS 2021 programme on 25 January, and publish selected documents on affiliated climate adaptation knowledge platforms. This way, your content will be available on demand for anyone to see online throughout and after the Summit.
You will receive CAS branding material for use in your own publicity.

What else to expect

You will continue to be responsible for organising, financing, and producing your event or content yourself, with no compensation or further assistance from CAS 2021.
CAS 2021 will claim no ownership or exclusivity of publication, nor accept any responsibility or liability regarding your contribution.

So you want to join CAS 2021 as a contributor?

We are pleased to hear your enthousiasm to boost the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 with your valuable work.

What are the next steps?

Don’t wait and apply now for assessment of your digital contribution.
An accreditation committee will carefully check all applications for substantive relevance and technical adequacy.
All eligible contributions will receive a response within 14 days.

How to apply for accreditation of your contribution

Please complete the contribution form and submit it as soon as you can, but no later than Monday 11 January 2021. We may decide to shorten the deadline in case of sufficient interest.

If you’re contributing a video, make sure it meets the specs and requirements first.

Using the contribution form, you can either:

  • link to a downloadable file containing a ready-made video clip, podcast, or pdf to be showcased; or
  • provide a description of the content or event you are preparing for submission later on, indicating the date you are planning to do so.

If you have any questions about contributing to CAS 2021, please use our contact form.

> Join CAS 2021 and contribute to the programme

Women in India queue for water distribution.
©Cynthia van Elk / Beeldunie
Women in Chennai, India, queuing for water distributed from a tank lorry at a defunct borewell pump.