CAS 2021 Supporting Events

Entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, youth, civil society and government actors are invited to engage with climate adaptation by participating in Supporting Events during the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 and in the build-up to 25 January.

The Dutch GCA offices in Groningen and Rotterdam have partnered with these two host cities. They cooperate with public and private partners to organise a range of online and in-person activities that address the cross-cutting CAS 2021 Action Themes.

Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

The northern Dutch city and province of Groningen will host the Climate Adaptation Week from January 19 to 25, 2021, including:

Climate Adaptation Events in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam, partner of C40 and Global Resilient Cities Network, will host four major CAS 2021 Supporting Events:

CAS 2021 Declarations

Participants in the Supporting Events will launch Declarations prepared by the partners involved in the build-up to CAS 2021, coordinated by the GCA.
These Declarations will be presented to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte during the CAS 2021 Opening Session.

How to participate in Supporting Events

If you want to be part of one or more of the above Supporting Events, please don't hesitate to contact the hosts through the web links provided above.
Registration for other components of the CAS 2021 programme will open shortly on this website.