CAS 2021 Action Themes

The Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 will streamline action along 11 tracks, to address specific challenges that come with climate change.

  1. Water
  2. Accelerating African Adaptation
  3. Resilient Cities
  4. Nature-Based Solutions
  5. Disaster Risk Management
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Youth Leadership
  8. Locally Led Adaptation
  9. Agriculture & Food Security
  10. Finance & Investment
  11. Resilient Economic Recovery

The Anchoring Events at the backbone of the CAS 2021 programme are to develop actions on these themes. Four Action Themes are ‘cross-cutting’, as follows:

  • Accelerating African Adaptation
    The African continent is on the frontline of climate change, but also has inherent strengths and vast adaptive capacity, and has opportunities for resilient development to offer. Therefore, its importance is reflected throughout CAS 2021.
  • Finance & Investment
    Finance is critical to accelerating climate adaptation efforts at building global resilience to worsening climate impacts.
  • Youth Leadership
    Since those who are young today will feel climate change impact more, their involvement in adaptation is imperative. That is why Youth Leadership, a central driver of the Adaptation Action Agenda and its implementation, will resonate in all CAS 2021 events.
  • Locally Led Adaptation
    Local communities are most affected by climate change and engaging in climate resilience in all fields and themes of CAS 2021.

The Action Themes will also structure other components of the online Summit programme, including the Supporting Events and Side Events that are contributed by partners all over the world.

Floating houses adapt to changing water levels.
©Hans van Rhoon / ANP
Floating houses in the Nassau Harbour at Kop van Feijenoord in southern Rotterdam adapt to changing water levels.