CAS 2021 Action Theme – Agriculture & Food Security

One of the Action Themes at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 is Agriculture & Food Security.

Why is Agriculture & Food Security an Action Theme at CAS 2021?

Adaptation to climate change is paramount if we are to secure our food supply, especially with a world population that is still increasing.

Most farmers around the globe are smallholders and very vulnerable to climate shocks and other uncertainties, due to little margins for error. Risk-informed agriculture, besides access of smallholder farmers to food markets, is increasingly challenging.

A complicating factor is the fact that agriculture is responsible for 25% of global carbon emissions.

How is CAS 2021 going to make a difference for the world’s food supply?

At the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event on Agriculture & Food Security, stakeholders will share best practices, ensure conditions, and launch devices for coordinated action, to make our food supply systems more climate-resilient word-wide. This means we need to: