CAS 2021 Action Theme – Disaster Risk Management

One of the Action Themes at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 is Disaster Risk Management.

Why is Disaster Risk Management an Action Theme at CAS 2021?

Humanity has always lived under threat of natural disasters. However, the consequences of climate change are that hazards are becoming disasters if no precautionary measures are undertaken.

We must extend our systems of preparedness and response, because hazards are increasingly dangerous for humanity. Adaptation is a more cost-effective strategy than a responsive approach.

How is CAS 2021 going to make a difference for our approach to climate risks?

At the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event on Disaster Risk Management, stakeholders will share best practices, as well as launch approaches and devices for coordinated action, to prevent, protect, and recover from risks better, world-wide. This means: