CAS 2021 Action Theme – Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the Action Themes at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021.

Why is Infrastructure an Action Theme at CAS 2021?

Scaling up infrastructure investment will be vital for ensuring long-term progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. There is an urgent need to expand access to clean water and energy, improve transport links and build protective infrastructure such as flood walls.

In the near term, infrastructure investment will also be a vital ingredient for supporting economic recovery from COVID.

How is CAS 2021 going to make a difference on infrastructure?

The CAS 2021 Anchoring Event on Infrastructure will bring together global decision makers, financers, engineers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. It will catalyse a global effort to ensure that all significant new and existing infrastructure is climate-resilient by adopting a people-centric approach and systematically mainstreaming climate resilience into infrastructure planning, financing, design, operation and maintenance.

This is a very ambitious goal, but also necessary to ensure that the trillions of dollar being invested in infrastructure every year contribute to the resilience and provision of services for communities and economies.

This event will promote opportunities to enhance people’s climate resilience through infrastructure. It will also showcase good practices and stimulate discussions on the way forward to transform climate resilience from an exceptional best practice to the norm. This implies: