CAS 2021 Action Theme – Locally Led Adaptation

One of the Action Themes at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 is Locally Led Adaptation.

Why is Locally Led Adaptation an Action Theme at CAS 2021?

While communities are at the frontlines of climate change impacts, they rarely have an effective voice in prioritising, decision-making, and implementing the actions that most affect them.

The Global Commission on Adaptation’s flagship report, “Adapt Now,” calls for increasing the volume of devolved and decentralised funding available to local governments, community-based organisations, and others working at the local level to identify, prioritise, implement, and monitor climate adaptation solutions. This is now even more important as local institutions are on the frontlines of responding to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences, as well as the climate crisis.

CAS 2021 seeks to highlight locally led adaptation across all the Action Themes.

How is CAS 2021 going to make a difference for local communities and initiatives?

Locally led adaptation is a growing priority as donors, governments and intermediary organisations recognise their responsibility to make sure adaptation solutions are designed and implemented in a way that is equitable, informed by local priorities, and factoring in local knowledge and expertise.

At the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event on Locally Led Adaptation, stakeholders will share best practices, ensure conditions, and launch devices for coordinated action, to support local actors better, worldwide. This means:

  1. Mobilise international funding for locally led adaptation.
  2. Raise global ambition and establish foundational principles for locally led adaptation, engaging at least 10 institutions that endorse principles for locally led action.
  3. Improve finance tracking, monitoringy, and evaluation, with learning guidance in place.
  4. Team up with grassroots organisations and partners to highlight and share local knowledge and adaptation solutions.
  5. Engage national government leadership for local action.