CAS 2021 Action Theme – Nature-Based Solutions

One of the Action Themes at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 is Nature-Based Solutions.

Why is Nature-Based Solutions an Action Theme at CAS 2021?

Nature provides for many highly effective means of reducing climate change and its negative impacts. Such ‘nature-based solutions’ work for both mitigation and adaptation.

How is CAS 2021 going to make a difference for nature-based solutions?

During CAS 2021, Canada and Mexico will host an Anchoring Event on Nature-Based Solutions, at which stakeholders will share best practices, as well as launch approaches and devices for coordinated action, to manage natural resources and uses better world-wide. This means:

  1. Raise understanding of the value of nature for climate adaptation.
  2. Embed nature-based solutions into adaptation planning and policy.
  3. Increase investments in nature-based solutions.