State and Trends in Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (STAKE)

The Knowledge Exchange is part of the broader State and Trends in Adaptation Program and aims to provide open access to data and rigorous analysis, as well as a platform for knowledge-sharing on adaptation.

The State and Trends in Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (STAKE) seeks to inform how we analyse, learn about, and understand climate risks and solutions; how we plan, make policy and investment decisions, and implement solutions; and how financing flows for adaptation action can continue to increase and reach the most vulnerable.

The Knowledge Exchange hosts a diverse suite of features and resources tailored to the needs of different stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, professionals, experts, practitioners, non-state actors, journalists, and students.

Key repository

Accelerating adaptation requires efforts to bridge the science-policy-practice divide by making data and information accessible and actionable. The Knowledge Exchange endeavours to do that through effective knowledge management – connecting producers and users of knowledge around the world. It serves as a key repository, making data, information, and learnings on climate change adaptation both accessible and actionable, with the aim of engaging different stakeholders in a single accessible online platform. It fosters cooperation and connects areas of science, policy, and practice through dedicated elements – such as:

 Managed by the GCA, STAKE enables an environment for action and recommends actions that can be taken to accelerate adaptation further.