22 January Online and Live Exhibition Sponsland: a Journey into Future Landscapes

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  • Location Groningen City and Province, the Netherlands

Design agencies will work on 9 urban and rural sites in Groningen Province affected by climate change.

Climate Adaptation Week Groningen

The Act & Adapt Design Manifestation has selected leading European landscape architects to design climate adaptive solutions for nine areas in the Northern Netherlands. The assignments are divided over four rural and five urban locations.

The big question that needs to be answered: How can we adapt our landscape in such a way that we not only adapt to climate change, but also enhance the resilience and beauty of the city and landscape? The exhibition shows contributions from the design firms that have examined the nine problem areas. We will get insights into the solutions and options they have come up with for the various areas. The results will be presented in both a virtual and physical exhibition, called Sponsland.

The live exhibition will be located at the Grote Markt in Groningen. Take a journey through a future Groningen and check a landscape in which nature and culture are in balance: greener, richer and (even) more attractive.

Act & Adapt Design Exhibition: sites in Groningen City and Province
A map of Groningen Province, showing the sites affected by climate change where design agencies will intervene.