Reporters selected for CAS 2021 Youth Newsroom

The CAS 2021 Youth Newsroom is coming together quite nicely. 20 Youngsters were picked out of some 50 candidates to cover the Summit as reporters on 25 and 26 January 2021.

The 20 aspiring reporters are from 16 countries all over the world, including Argentina, Kenya, Greece, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. As members of the Youth Newsroom team, they will produce news throughout CAS 2021 following each session, and share their views on the topics discussed with all participants the very same day.

Training by seasoned journalists

Youth reporters

In the upcoming weeks Hennah Draaibaar and Faten Bushehri will host four training sessions for the Youth Newsroom reporters at RNTC, Radio Netherlands Training Centre.

Hennah is a seasoned TV journalist, documentary maker, writer, and trainer with a passion for engaging stories; she worked for years as a correspondent for the largest broadcasting company in the Netherlands, NOS.

Faten is a multimedia producer and communication specialist with years of experience working as a journalist and producer for a range of TV and radio stations, as well as a communications consultant for various NGOs.