Adaptation Action Agenda outlined

On the fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking Paris Agreement, the Netherlands is proud to share a paper outlining the Adaptation Action Agenda, which is to be launched at the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021 on 25 January.

As stated in the paper, climate shocks are happening now, intersecting with and exacerbating impacts of COVID-19. Building resilience to climate impacts will be critical to response and recovery efforts. Adaptation has never been more important.

Accelerating and propelling action

The Adaptation Action Agenda will accelerate climate adaptation action by promoting, guiding, exchanging and monitoring climate resilience building together. It proposes an action-propelling framework towards 2030, maps adaptation efforts on the Sustainable Development Goals, and provides for instruments that enable to build upon key efforts to-date.

Towards a climate-resilient future by 2030

Growth during drought
©Flip Franssen

The Agenda responds to the need for more action, integration, partnership, innovation, finance, and equity towards 2030, during the make-or-break decade for our societies. All participants in CAS 2021 will build the Agenda together by contributing actions. Dozens of unique multi-stakeholder initiatives launched with CAS 2021 will showcase the potential of adaptation solutions.

Support mechanisms

Delivering on the Adaptation Action Agenda will benefit from a range of support mechanisms, such as a common digital data monitoring and knowledge exchange platform that will keep all actions accessible and updated. These instruments will enable humanity to adequately use the extraordinary opportunity posed by adaptation and climate resilience, and to really build forward better.