Youth call for a Decade of Action on Adaptation

In the tenth of a series of articles by our Youth Newsroom reporters, Injy Johnstone from the United Kingdom hears a compelling call.

Youth call for a Decade of Action on Adaptation

Youth Call to Action

Ban Ki-moon describes how we as youth have known climate change all our lives. We are the current and future frontline of climate adaptation – yet we need far greater resources to enable us to adapt to the changing climate.

Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation

In advance of the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021, the Youth Adaptation Network launched the Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation. This aims to help bridge the adaptation action gap, especially amongst youth. Above all it calls for a Decade of Action on Adaptation whereby the necessary resources and priority is given to adapting to our changing climate.

The Call to Action spans a full range of climate adaptation priorities to help make that happen; from climate adaptation being mandatorily integrated into education curriculum through to a boost in funding to help support green youth jobs and innovation in the wake of COVID-19.

How it was made

As a Young Leader at the Global Center on Adaptation, I took part in and helped organise some of the many global consultations that were held in all regions of the world. These helped to gather firsthand the needs and experiences of young climate adaptation leaders. In addition we launched the brand new Youth Adapt App to kickstart the climate adaptation conversation.


The launch featured a star-studded line up of Ban Ki-moon, Arjen Robbens, as well as youth climate leaders such as Nisreen Elsaim, Joshua Amponsem and Emily N’Dombaxe Dola. So where to after the launch of the Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation? Well to quote Josh, key coordinator of the Youth Adaptation Network & the “We have to work together with institutions like the Global Center on Adaptation to ensure the implementation of the Global Call to Action on Adaptation.”

Play your part in adaptation

The power of the Global Youth Call to Action on Adaptation only starts here- here’s how you can play your part. Get involved in one of six key areas of the newly launched Youth Leadership programme at the Global Center on Adaptation: Adaptation Solutions Challenge and Incubator Fund, Climate Adaptation Education, Young Women Climate Leadership Program, Youth Adaptation Network, National Adaptation Plans and policies and the Young Leaders Program.

Get started today by signing up for the Youth Adaptation Network or joining a free MOOC on Climate Governance, offered by the University of Groningen.

Injy Johnstone (United Kingdom)