Young people demand global leaders deliver promised climate funds

In the eleventh of a series of articles by our Youth Newsroom reporters, Sohanur Rahman from Bangladesh shares an urgent video.

Young people demand global leaders deliver promised climate funds

Asian children and young people are urging global leaders to fulfill promised funding to most affected countries to adapt to the climate crisis. Under the Red Alert Campaign, climate activists and spokespersons made a video appeal focusing on the Climate Adaptation Conference (CAS2021).

As a climate spokesperson, I took part in the video made by Save the Children because I believe, richer countries should keep the promise they made to give 100 billion dollars a year to help less developed countries adapt to climate change. I live in the Asia region together with millions of other young people.

We believe that countries who are the main cause of the climate crisis must do more to help countries that are suffering the most from it. The climate crisis is already here. Now is the time to take more action, invest more money, and protect more people. We need to act like the house is on fire.

Our rights are at risk. Our future is in your hands. So listen to us. We must be part of the solution.

To address climate emergency, Save the Children has launched the “Red Alert” campaign aiming to enhance the voice of children and youth at the forefront of the policy and decision-making process to respond to climatic catastrophes.

Sohanur Rahman (Bangladesh)