Chile wins Follow the Sun Challenge with Underwater Forestry

Chile has won the global Follow the Sun Challenge 2021 with a concept that uses underwater forests to break waves, called BosKelp.

Follow the Sun
Creating wave breakers by planting underwater forests; BosKelp.

The winning concept aims at revaluing a local commodity ‘kelp’ as big wave breaker. It has impressed the jury by combining functionality and biomimicry with restoration of biodiversity and local job preservation.

Follow the Sun challenge

Starting Monday 18 January, 2021, five teams in five countries on five different continents, took up the Follow the Sun Challenge; a creative climate adaptation challenge across the globe. During last week, each team developed a concrete solution to combat rising sea levels and floods in their respective regions: Chile, Kenia, India, Australia and the Netherlands.

This Tuesday, 26 January, each team presented its solution during the Grand Finale. While each of the continental contestants presented creative and insightful concepts ranging from desalination to floating aquaponic farming - Chile won because of their sophisticated approach using underwater forests of kelp to tackle multiple problems at once: guarding coastal areas, restoration of biodiversity and even job preservation - making it immediately implementable and highly scalable.

The winners get €10.000,- worth of R&D money, and will be guided towards further development of their concept by the municipality of Rotterdam.