Outcomes of the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event – Water

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Anchoring Event outcomes

The Water Action Track has launched a Water Adaptation Hub. This community aims at accelerating and scaling up climate adaption interventions globally bringing the water sector together and making the connection with other sectors. Acceleration of water adaptation will be achieved by building on and strengthening what is already happening and/or starting. Scale‐up will be reached by connecting and actively brokering between stakeholders and initiatives. A collaborative effort with the goal to use the water sector as the key enabler in the worldwide climate change dialogue.

The Water Adaptation Hub in essence works on four key issues:

  • Bringing water communities and subsectors together.
  • Bringing the water (adaptation) sector closer to other sectors (i.e. agriculture, nature based solution, food, cities infrastructure, health).
  • Sharing and exchanging knowledge, simplifying learning and facilitating finding solutions together.
  • Bringing water adaptation to the international climate community and negotiations and more prominently into the NDCs and NAPs.

It will be a permanent, inclusive service open to all communities of practice, networks and groups either those working directly in the water sector or indirectly through climate change and adaptation.

Delta Lighthouse Case Study

Science and best practices as a base for water management development. The ‘lighthouse’ case studies in this Delta Report explore and share best practices and good examples in climate adaptation and resilience interventions in delta countries. The case studies were selected through the Delta Coalition strategically to ensure a wide and diverse representation of different hydrological, climatological, social‐economic, and geographic conditions. Deltas are hot spots and it concerns cases from Mozambique, Indonesia, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. Based on this diverse and representative range of cases, key findings have been formulated to share knowledge and to inform adaptation practices elsewhere.

Biking through a flash flood in Foshan, China.

Download an overview of CAS 2021 outcomes and results. More per-session deliverables are also accessible from the Summit outcomes page.