Outcomes of the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event – Youth Leadership

Watrch the CAS 2021 Anchoring Event – Youth Leadership on demand on CAS TV.

Youth Call to Action

Young people from more than 115 countries presented a call to action among government leaders entitled ‘Adapt for our Future’ to former Secretary‐General Ban Ki‐moon. Important international principles for the youth are the provision of universal education, expansion of economic opportunities for young people and a strengthening position for the most vulnerable young people.

As a response to the Call to Action, the Youth Leadership Program of the Global Center of Adaptation ws launched, introducing its five central pillars, “connect, educate, innovate, advocate and participate.”

Young people from the Northern Netherlands presented the Regional Action Agenda. In this report, youth – ambassadors of Youth for Climate Adaptation – illustrates seven recommendations to municipalities, provinces and water boards. Among other things, they are committed to more citizen participation and more climate (adaptation) in policy and education.

Download an overview of CAS 2021 outcomes and results. More per-session deliverables are also accessible from the Summit outcomes page.