ZOHO Rain Letters

In the ninth of a series of articles by our Youth Newsroom reporters, Vicky Scheick from the Netherlands reads four huge letters.

Photostory: ZOHO Rain Letters

I was walking down the Heer Bokelweg in the busy city of Rotterdam when I noticed these huge letters standing in the middle of a park in the Zomerhofkwartier, and it triggered my curiosity.

More and more often, we are faced with extreme weather conditions. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short time. The sewer cannot always handle so much water and this can cause problems, such as flooding. In the Dutch city of Rotterdam, Studio Bas Sala in collaboration with Wijkcooperatie North came up with a solution: A signboard that is secretly a rainwater-system.

This signboard is a rainwater-system, which collects rainwater inside the ZOHO-letters from the roof of the lower building on the left: de Hofbogen.

All photos by Vicky Scheick (the Netherlands)