Natural disasters in Russia

In the series of articles by our Youth Newsroom reporters, Alina Drobyshevskaia from Germany shares an urgent video.

Wildfire in Siberia
©Alina Drobyshevskaia

Natural disasters in Russia

Global warming is already affecting the harshest places on Earth, causing an increase in natural disasters.

Until recently, two Russian settlements in Siberia Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon were officially considered the "Pole of Cold" not only of Russia, but of the entire Northern Hemisphere. The lowest air temperature in these localities was -67.8° Celsius, and was recorded in Verkhoyansk in February 1892 and in Oymyakon in January 1933.

But last year,  on June 20,  Verkhoyansk made headlines with a radically different milestone. That afternoon, temperatures reached 38 Celsius, probably the hottest seen above the Arctic Circle since records began. The climate adaptation measures must be taken.

Watch Pole of Cold in Russia on YouTube.

Alina Drobyshevskaia from Germany