The history of Limpar o Mundo

In the series of articles by our Youth Newsroom reporters, Thaiane Maciel from Brasil submitted her blog on Limpar o Mundo.

Volunteers of Limpar o Mundo
©Thaiane Maciel

Have you always wanted to do something for the world and never knew how to start? Know the history of "Limpar o Mundo".

Brazilian Kaleo always saw his sister Thaiane (actress, environmental engineer and young reporter of CAS SUMMIT 2021) upset about the pollution of the beaches of Guanabara Bay. They live on Ilha do Governador, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kaleo took a plastic bag and started to pick up the garbage he found on his way. The family started walking to collect garbage and today "Limpar o Mundo" has more than 200 volunteers and has already removed more than 8 tons of waste from Guanabara Bay. How about starting your own climate adaptation project?

See the blog on Limpar o Mundo by Thaiane on YouTube.