CAS 2021 Youth Newsroom: a fresh view

Active and informed involvement of young people is key to the success of climate adaptation and therefore to CAS 2021. One testament to this is the Anchoring Event on Youth Leadership, which is part of the Summit programme. Another is the CAS 2021 Youth Newsroom.

On this website as well as on the platform that is to open for participants shortly before the conference, you will be able to read, watch, and listen to productions a hand-picked team of 18 young climate journalists will have made in the build-up and during CAS 2021.

Young reporters to follow

Youth reporters

The Youth Newsroom team members are free to choose how to share their vision, be it by written articles, videos, podcasts, or opinion pieces.

It will be well worth the effort to check out their production. Part of it will also be on show during CAS Talks and on CAS TV. Young people discussing their very future on this planet – that’s exactly our concern.

The 18 aspiring reporters were selected out of some 50 candidates and are from 14 countries all over the world, including Argentina, Kenya, Greece, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Together they will produce news throughout CAS 2021 following each session, and share their views on the topics discussed with all participants the very same day.

Trained by seasoned journalists

In the weeks before CAS 2021, Hennah Draaibaar and Faten Bushehri hosted four training sessions for the Youth Newsroom reporters at RNTC, Radio Netherlands Training Centre. Of course they all convened online.

Youth Newsroom team members