Call for youth reporters on climate adaptation

Inspire others, share your perspective as a youth reporter and embark on this unique opportunity with us to report on an international climate conference!

We want to give young people around the world a key role in both the content and the outcomes of CAS 2021. Young people’s voices need to be heard on adaptation, as well as mitigation. Their views should inform decision-makers, and inspire and enhance knowledge among their peers.

Your chance to report on CAS 2021

CAS 2021 wants to contribute to this goal by offering 15-20 young people from all over the world a chance to report on CAS 2021 via the CAS channels and their own networks. So we are inviting young bloggers, vloggers, photographers, press cartoonists and other young content creators to apply to become one of the selected CAS 2021 young reporters.

What are we offering?

Are you who we’re looking for?

You should be a young content creator with a special interest in climate change. You could be a print a blogger, a radio or video producer, or political cartoonist. We’re especially looking for reporters who have great potential and already have significant online reach (followers on their social media or blog). You should in any case:

  • be aged between 18 and 27
  • have demonstrable experience of and interest in creating appealing content, which could include written interviews, podcasts or video interviews
  • have at least 1,000 followers and a 3.5% interaction rate on your own social media channels/online platforms
  • have published at least 100 posts on your own online channels
  • be proficient in spoken and written English
  • be available on (CET = GTM+1):
    • 17 December 2020: 13-15pm (online introductory)
    • 7 January 2021: 13-17pm (training day 1)
    • 8 January - 13 January 2021: 6 hours (assignment)
    • 14 January 2021: 13-17pm (training day 2)
    • 18-19 January 2021: 1 hour (coaching session)
    • 21‑28 January 2021: one week (reporting)

We aim to select a diverse group of candidates in terms of nationality, outlet background, technical skills and gender identity. We will select a total of 20 young reporters.

Do you want to apply?

If we’ve made you enthusiastic and you want to be a part of CAS 2021, please send us your CV, two examples of your work, a short motivation statement and an overview of your social media channels/outlets, including reach and interaction, to Nienke Toren before 27 November 2020.